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By May 10, 2019 May 23rd, 2019 Cryptocurrency, Videos
This video is available to view with English, Chinese or Korean subtitles.

As part of this year’s Toronto Blockchain Week, Coinscious hosted Crypto Market Analysis & Insights.” During this record turnout event, we showcased speakers and panelists from a wide range of backgrounds –  cryptocurrency, blockchain, banking, government, legal and investment – to share their insights and unique perspectives on the current crypto market. This exciting opportunity allowed us to provide a wealth of knowledge to the general public which would otherwise only be reserved to members of those respective industries.

One important presentation from the evening, was by our CTO & Co-Founder, Daniel Im, who presented “Crypto Market Analysis, Analysis Tools and Data.” As a crypto data and analytics provider, our team has built a suite of tools and services to help cryptotraders, at all levels of trading, to maximize their strategies to obtain the highest returns. Challenges in the existing crypto market – like volatility and fake exchange volumes – can hinder strategies if cryptotraders do not have access to useful resources and accurate crypto data to overcome them.

In the video above, we share Daniel’s presentation as a chance to provide guidance to all cryptotraders on how to better determine: where to trade, what to trade and how to practice/backtest their trading strategies, all by simply using our data, tools and resources. For example, from our exchange reports, Daniel demonstrates how cryptotraders can identify outliers from technical data and shows ways to look for suspicious exchanges by using our volume correlation data. He also highlights how to use our market reports in conjunction with our Market & Trading Strategy Terminal to decide which coins/tokens to have in your portfolio based on risk versus return data and performance analytics.

Watch the full video to learn more about how to best pair our crypto data products and services with your trading needs. 

Check out the products and services we’ve highlighted:


  • Market Report: an analysis of recent historical performances of the top 50 assets to identify current cryptocurrency market trends. SUBSCRIBE NOW
  • Exchange Report: an analysis of recent historical volumes and prices of 18 mainstream exchanges to identify better or fairer cryptocurrency platforms SUBSCRIBE NOW


  • Coinscious Terminal: real-time analytics on the top 100 coins/tokens, 18 mainstream crypto exchanges, and top technical trading indicators


  • Market Data API: the most accurate and comprehensive raw crypto market VWAP, OHLCV, trade and order book data. Try our live stream API free. SUBSCRIBE NOW

Technical data is crucial for understanding the nuances of the existing crypto market. However, data is difficult to collect and interpret without the right resources and know-how. By providing direct access to our team’s research analysis, analysis tools and data, we make it easy for cryptotraders to have all the necessary means to succeed. We hope that through this video, cryptotraders can learn how to best apply these objective methods towards building a stronger portfolio. In doing so, cryptotraders no longer need to make decisions solely based on sentiments but rather, they can discover and improve existing strategies based on objective data-driven insights.


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