Python Data Scientist

Job Description

About the company

Coinscious is a data and trading analytics provider for the cryptocurrency market. Our platform helps traders build their portfolios and simulate their trading strategies. We provide information that is difficult and cumbersome to obtain and organize. Furthermore, we seek for patterns and uncertainties within this data. Using this information, clients will be able to build their portfolios and backtest their strategies. Our products and solutions include:

  • Market Data
  • Blockchain Data
  • Analytic Data
  • Backtesting
  • Strategy Optimization
  • Trade Bots

Job Description

As a Python Data Scientist, you will work with large-scale data platform that powers critical use cases and operates at a scale of speed, performance, and complexity that few others can claim. You will also provide core insights driving growth, performance, and agility.

Desirable Skills and Qualifications

  • Comfortable with scientific tools such as anaconda, numpy, scipy, matrix and vector operations (required)
  • 1-3 years experience developing data or analytics-based technology solutions (required)
  • Strong statistics, math, machine learning background (required)
  • Experience with large-scale time series database such as InfluxDB (required)
  • Experience designing and implementing an API to expose business data
  • Scientific plotting using Javascript
  • Familiar with Git, Docker, Amazon Web Services, and distributed databases

Responsibilities and Types of Tasks Expected:

  • Manage large-scale time series database and data such as exchange, blockchain, news, and social media
  • Build statistics with real-time analytics
  • Develop big data monitoring and data analytics visualization tools
  • Optimize the performance of our data stores to enable big data analytics
  • API support for machine learning and finance engineers


  • Negotiable depending on experience

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