Market Data: VWAP

By August 14, 2019 September 16th, 2019 Cryptocurrency, Market Data
Cryptocurrency Market Data: VWAP

What Is VWAP Data?

  • VWAP data is a form of cryptocurrency market data and stands for volume weighted average price. 
  • VWAP is the average price of an asset within an interval, and this average is calculated by weighing the prices proportionally to the volume traded at that price.

How To Obtain VWAP Data?

  • Coinscious provides VWAP data for a variety of cryptocurrencies for intervals ranging from one minute to one day, as well as denominated in various fiat currencies.
  • The VWAP data endpoint from Coinscious provides the price of a cryptocurrency across multiple exchanges and markets and is denominated in a fiat currency.
  • This is different from the Exchange VWAP endpoint, which provides the VWAP of a specific trading pair on a single exchange. Learn more about our Exchange VWAP: here.
  • VWAP data can be obtained from our Market Data API by making a GET request to the endpoint: https://api.coinscious.org/vwap/{token}.
  • Optional parameters that can be included include the interval, start and end times, and limit. For instance, if you want the BTC VWAP in Canadian Dollars, then you would make a GET request to this url: https://api.coinscious.org/ohlcv/binance/btc?fiat=CAD.
Name Required Type Description
token Yes string Token supported
fiat No string Fiat Currency supported
interval No string Interval and limit
start No timestamp
end No timestamp
limit No integer Interval and limit

Shell Example

Python Example

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