World Tour Recap: Where We’ve Been And Where We’re Going

By August 31, 2018 September 14th, 2018 Events
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This summer has been a whirlwind tour for the Coinscous team. Our goal has been to raise awareness of our platform and share our vision for tools that can make navigating the coin market better and easier.


Our team kicked off the summer tour in Amsterdam at the Blockchain Expo. The conference focused on ICOs and cryptofinance, as well as how blockchain will affect the insurance and banking industries, and open up doors for new types of payment options.

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Atlantic City

Our CTO, Daniel Im, next arrived in Atlantic City, NJ for the Blockchain World Conference. For many nations and their governments, how to regulate blockchain/crypto projects is a big concern. This was discussed at the conference. Daniel also got to meet Amir Dossal, who won the Blockchain Humanitarian award, designed to honor leaders who use blockchain technology to solve real-world problems.

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The team next attended the annual Startupfest in Montreal. As the name suggests, this is a gathering of all things startup-related. New businesses connect and meet with interested investors. It’s also a chance to learn how other startups, farther along in their business journey, have navigated through the process of starting and funding their businesses.

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San Francisco

San Francisco hosted this year’s Distributed 2018, where Coinscious was a sponsor. The conference focused on the power of decentralized business. Another goal for this conference is to help bridge the gap that exists between Eastern and Western blockchain initiatives.

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Our team hosted an event for local blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Our COO, Binh Ho, offered his insights on how AI and data-driven insights will make positive changes within the coin market.

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New York City

In the middle of our tour, the Coinscious logo made an appearance in Times Square on the NASDAQ big screen. The timing of our logo landing in “the crossroads of the world” could not have been better as we criss-crossed the globe spreading our message.

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After initial stops in Canada, US, and Europe, our team headed to Asia. Our first stop was in Shanghai. This was at the China Wealth Management Ecology Conference where Coinscious won the “Fintech Innovation Award.”

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Hong Kong

From Shanghai, our next stop was the Finwise Summit in Hong Kong, one of the most influential blockchain summits around. There our CEO Tom Bao delivered a keynote that described the Coinscious Collective™ platform and displayed our recent Coinscious Lab experiment.

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In Beijing, there were several investors and participants in the blockchain community that were in attendance, including OK Capital, AKHacks, Tfund, ValueNet Capital, FBG Capital, WBO, GVC, BQEX, BlockOriginCapital, ValueNet Capital, MPT, AFund, OnFund and many others.

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Hangzhou  & Wenzhou

Our next stop was in Hangzhou. Our team noted all the different types of players within the coin trading market, and how the Coinscious platform can tackle the biggest concern of each group. This event was a symposium on technology and industry integration of blockchain technology. Janson and David gave presentations to the attendees, each describing how Coinscious delivers AI-driven analysis so investors can make smarter trading decisions.

Wenzhou was the final stop on our tour of Asia, where our team met with a group of leaders in the industry. Janson spoke at this event, as well, describing the current state of the cryptocurrency market and pain points experienced by investors. He described the challenges of security, multi-exchange accounts, and multi-wallet management. He noted how these and other challenges erect barriers that prevent interested investors from entering the market. After describing the Coinscious platform, attendees were eager to learn more and expressed excitement about the upcoming launch.   

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Where We’re Going Next

At every opportunity, our team has described the problems plaguing the cryptocurrency market and how Coinscious has focused on overcoming them. As we describe what our platform can do, we’re greeted with excitement from listeners and potential investors. We’ve attracted attention from professional investors, finance managers, and media at every stop of our tour.

So what’s next for us? As we head back to our home country of Canada, we’re taking all of this energy and excitement and using it for inspiration. As we look ahead to our launch, we are applying this passion to our work to make the Coinscious Collective™ platform even better. We are more focused than ever on creating a platform that resolves some of the biggest issues investors face in the cryptocurrency trading market.

Keep following our team. As we prepare for launch, some of the most exciting milestones are ahead of us. Stay tuned as we move forward on our journey to help the cryptocurrency market shift from an unpredictable free-for-all, to a mature environment where investors of all kinds—from professionals to amateurs—can reap the rewards gained through smart, well-informed investment strategies.  


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