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The long crypto winter is finally over and although the market is warming up, we are still far from turning growing interest into mass adoption. The recent downturn of December 2018 has damaged public confidence: the current mainstream media equates cryptocurrency with losses and scams. This type of misinformation puts a negative light on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology; innovations intended to positively impact lives everywhere. How can we succeed in reframing the mindset of those individuals who are disillusioned or have doubts about the market? Education is the key. Access to practical analysis and objective data is essential for laying the groundwork and shifting the collective mentality of crypto enthusiasts, investors, and sceptics alike from biased sentiments to rational decisions.

Toronto Blockchain Week

This April, Coinscious participated in Toronto Blockchain Week: an opportunity to celebrate how far cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has come and to demonstrate cutting-edge technical developments through seminars, workshops, panels, hackathons and networking events. Toronto is one of the leading global hubs for blockchain technology and it also serves as our home base.

As a data and analytics provider, we strive first and foremost to empower our users with the most accurate crypto data and in-depth resources to help them succeed. For Toronto Blockchain Week, our team took this exciting chance to connect experts from our network, in both fintech and blockchain industries, to educate and share their unique perspectives with the general public. Our team proudly presented “Crypto Market Analysis & Insights”, showcasing an evening line-up of presentations and panels to provide insights on the existing crypto market.

Our Strategic Advisor, Vikram, welcomes the audience and introduces the first round of presentations.

On the evening of April 24, 2019, we had a record turnout – a full house packed with familiar industry members as well as curious newcomers who all showed up for sushi, wine, and insights into the cryptocurrency scene. There were a total of six presentations and two panel discussions with speakers from a multitude of backgrounds including our very own CEO, Tom Bao, CTO, Daniel Im, and representatives of companies such as 3iQ (multi-cryptoasset investment fund manager), CIBC (bank), Highmark Global (health care), Osler (legal) and Rivemont (portfolio management firm). The event was moderated by our Strategic Advisor, Vikram Chopra.

CEO & Co-founder, Tom Bao, shares which crypto exchanges in Asia provide spot trading.

Tom, presented an “Overview of Crypto Institutions in Asia” highlighting current crypto exchanges and crypto funds. He shared the existing crypto exchanges in Asia that offer spot trading and derivative products (such as perpetual swap contracts and future contracts) and looked at their future objectives. Tom also discussed real performance results by active crypto funds and common trading strategies that they utilize: arbitrage, trend-following strategies, and traditional trading.

CTO & Co-founder, Daniel Im, begins his in-depth presentation focusing on where to trade, what to trade, and how to practice/backtest trade.

Daniel provided insights on “Crypto Market Analysis, Crypto Analysis Tools and Data” introducing tools that help build portfolios, showing ways to detect suspicious exchanges, and demonstrating how to backtest strategies; all simply through the use of products like our market report, exchange report, and Market & Trading Strategy dashboard. He demonstrated how the products and services developed by our team, allow users to take advantage of a purely objective approach towards bettering their trade strategies and ultimately, earning the highest return. With access to reliable resources, crypto trader no longer will feel the need to rely on hype and hearsay.


Here’s a look at all the highlights from the night! Check out more photos on our Facebook page.

Martin LaLonde, Rivemont, discusses what the relationship is between the crypto market and retail investors.

Harpreet Geekee, Highmark Global, is a recognized expert in the blockchain and current adviser to the Canadian government on their blockchain strategy. Here, Harpreet spoke at length about how the long-term prognosis of both blockchain and crypto is positive.

Shaun Cumby, 3iQ, shares his experience on crypto trading and investment in North America and explains the long-term opportunities.

Our panelists discuss the “Future of the Crypto Market and What Are Possible Crypto Investment Strategies”

Thanks again to Toronto Blockchain Week, our expert speakers and panelists, and everyone who joined us! Our motivation to host the event was to provide attendees with a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to their existing trading practices and to reframe the mindsets all members of the crypto community by showcasing perspectives from government, banking, legal and investment points of view. It was a very successful evening, filled with many new connections and important insights. By having access to meaningful perspectives along with useful tools and analytics, we can begin educating and eliminating current misconceptions about cryptocurrency – ultimately, convert growing interest into mass adoption.

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