Coinscious at the 2018 Finwise Hong Kong Blockchain Summit

By August 12, 2018 September 14th, 2018 Events
Coniscious Finwise Hong Kong Summit

Another stop on our summer tour—our team attended the Finwise Summit in Hong Kong, one of the most influential blockchain summits that takes place in China. The two-day summit is a high-profile gathering of blockchain industry thought leaders. The event is co-sponsored by FINWEX, Gaofeng Ventures, Ant Node Alliance, Funkeypay, Ji Kexing KAC, and Hong Kong Emerging Technology Education Association. 

Our CEO, Tom Bao, delivered a keynote at the summit. Tom introduced the Coinscious Collective™ platform to the crowd, explaining how it will be used to overcome a number of existing obstacles in the digital currency market. Tom noted that many current problems in the market can be overcome through the power of AI. He walked through an automatic arbitrage trade showing how an investor can make a smarter trade when informed by uncertainty, time, and opportunity forecasts.

Coinscious Tom Bao Finwise Hong Kong

Our CEO Tom Giving A Speech At The Finwise Hong Kong Blockchain Summit


Coinscious Advisor Derek Manuge Saying How Coinscious Is At The Forefront Of Blockchain Investment Industr

Coinscious Advisor Derek Manuge Saying How Coinscious Is At The Forefront Of The Blockchain Investment Industry


Coinscious' Tom Bao Showing Real World Examples Of Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

Coinscious’ Tom Bao Showing Real World Examples Of Cryptocurrency Arbitrage


Tom demonstrated how our platform can monitor events such as 24/7 blockchain movements and follow the corresponding pattern recognition and event analysis. Inside our platform, the AI-driven rating is based on user risk preferences and ROI expectations. Tom also noted how Coinscious monitors and tracks the balance of blockchain wallet accounts, sends alarms related to specific events, and helps amateur and professional traders create their own trade strategy execution simulations. The purpose of the Coinscious Collective™ platform is to integrate big data, AI, and blockchain tech as a way to give users more intelligent and data-driven investment tools.


While touring events like this in Canada, the US, parts of Europe and Asia this summer, we’ve been encouraged by the excitement of the crowds when they hear about Coinscious. People are grasping the promise inside the tools  and platforms that we’re creating. In turn, we’ve learned a lot from the thought leaders and attendees at these crowds, and been inspired by their energy and enthusiasm. When we get back to Canada, we look forward to applying that inspiration to our work to make the Coinscious Collective™ platform even better.

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