Coinscious on Nasdaq NYC

Coinscious on the NASDAQ Big Screen in Times Square

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On August 9, Coinscious appeared on the NASDAQ big screen in New York City’s Times Square. Given our summer tour that has spanned from Canada to US to Europe and all over Asia, it seems appropriate that our logo would make its appearance at the landmark known as the “crossroads of the world.” At Coinscious, we want our brand to represent our extensive work in artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain as the building blocks for our Coinscious Collective™ platform. These technologies drive cryptocurrency markets and represent a another kind of global crossroad—a level and open playing field rich with opportunity. Our passion for these fields are why we’ve spent time going from country to country this summer, connecting with thought leaders and spreading our message.

Our core team at Coinscious, headquartered in Canada, is composed of experts in blockchain, AI, and big data. Our Coinscious Collective™ platform uses AI to build statistical models. It also uses machine learning to take advantage of financial engineering, quantitative trading, and risk management techniques. In this way, the platform provides investors with a smart, efficient, secure platform for digital asset management and AI-powered investing.

Coinscious has created products and services to help investors find useful and timely market information, manage their assets and investment plans, forecast prices and create quantitative strategies. We created this platform to meet the needs of everyday investors and professional institutions who need to make the most of their time and resources. It’s our hope that, in the future, Coinscious will also aid in the compliance, rapid development, and progress of the digital asset investment market. But for now, we’re really just enjoying seeing our logo light up Times Square.